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Environmental can be defined as relating to the complexity of factors which acts upon an individual organism or ecological community to influence or determine development and survival.

There are a large number of different types of environment. These can include:

  • Urban environment
  • Tropical rainforest environment
  • Physical environment – this is use to describe the characteristics of a landscape such as climate and geology. This type of environment has not been changed markedly by human impact.
  • Geographical environment – includes the physical environment together with any human modifications such as agricultural systems, industrialization, and urbanization.
The connection between living organisms and their environment forms part of the eco-system. There has been an ongoing concern that large parts of the physical environment are suffering from misuse.
Overexploitation is also a concern as it is central to conservation and environmental movement which promotes conservation has also gained considerable force in recent decades as new threats such as acid rain, soil, erosion and ozone depletion are widely recognized.

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