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Environmental Pollution
Environmental pollution has been a continual concern all around the world. It is the release of harmful environmental contaminants or substances released either through the air we breath in, through creeks, canals, river or sea, or simply on soil.

Pollution is the result from human activities. It can take two major forms:

  • Local Pollution – these include factories, industries, agricultural and so on.
  • Global Pollution – these include such as nuclear waste disposal or testing and so on.

The usual forms of pollution includes: air pollution, water pollution, and radioactive contamination. While a broader understanding of the word had lead to the ideas of ship pollution, light pollution and noise pollution.

Other serious pollution sources include chemical plants, oil refineries, nuclear waste, dumps, regular garbage dumps (where many toxic substances are illegally dumped there), incinerators, PVC factories, car factories, plastic factories, corporate animal farms (these create huge amounts of animal waste).

Pollutants are thought to play a part in the variety of problems including: cancer, lupus, immune diseases, allergies, and asthma. Some illnesses are even named in relation with certain pollutants fore example, Minamata disease caused by mercury compounds.

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